Mine Little Pony Armors

Want hints or tips about creating textures or other resources? This is the place for you.
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Post 28 Apr 2014, 03:45

I've got a couple of questions, and I guess this is the best place to ask them.

I play a lot of different mod packs, including a few I've cobbled together myself, and in most of them I use the Mine Little Pony mod. Any of you that use the mod with BDcraft TP and disable the 'use pony compatible armor' setting are familiar with this, the mod does a fairly decent job of shaping the 'Steve shaped' armor skins around the pony shape. But recently I've grown tired of how it mucks things up a bit, like stretching a copy of the helmet skin over my ponies butt, and not having actual 'body armor'.

Well, yesterday I was reading a 'how to' for making your own pony character skin, and found a template for pony armor skins, got this stupid idea, downloaded gimp, and stayed up way too late last night learning how to use it.

I'm already kicking myself for starting with 64x instead of something higher res, (live and learn, I know) so soon enough i'll try moving up to working in high res and downscaling when i'm done.

I've never really used any forum for anything, so cut me a little slack. But all the rules here scare me a little, I'm not interested in getting banned the first time i stop lurking in nearly 20 years. I'm not putting anything I did on here till I understand well enough if its against any rules or not.

Anyway, sorry for all that. So basically I chopjobbed original Sphax vanilla armor textures using the MineLP armor skin template, and they turned out OK. I'm satisfied with them, and I figured maybe others might be too. Don't expect anything artistic or creative, these skills are far beyond me, I literally just used copy and paste. And I penciled a couple of pixels here and there so bits would line up.

So, first question; Is what I created something that can be posted here? or is it against the rules? Sorry for the stupid question, but I didn't understand the rulings on this matter.

Second question is related to what I'm doing now, I've moved on to 'ponifying' Mekanism armors, and all is well, except the glowstone armor, which unlike all other basic armor types I've used, mod and vanilla alike, when the armor is worn on the pony character, it retains its original steve shape, regardless of the 'use pony armor' setting within the MineLP mod. I guess the question is, is this something I can fix in textures? or is this in one of the mods code, and thus out of my hands?

I'm going to continue with ponifying more mod armors, but I really don't know if I can post them online, because i'm not actually creating fresh textures, i'm just chopping up other peoples sphax textures for various mod armors, including the original.

Some answers would be greatly appreciated, and if I can post what I've made here, I'll gladly ponify any and all mod armor skins I can find, cause I can imagine I'm not the only brony who's tired of their pony wearing her hat on her butt.
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Post 28 Apr 2014, 08:51

I can only answer the first question, as I'm not familiar with the MLP mod. You're allowed to post your creations, just so long as you're not actually re-distributing the base PureBDCraft textures as they exist in their un-edited form. Anything you create (copy/paste) to change the way it looks, can be posted here.

The other caveat is you can't put the download behind any kind of adfly or marketing service. I imagine the armor you're creating has its own diagram in which you're copy/pasting the existing armor textures on. This is okay, if you're actually having to add some kind of continuity between the textures and turning them into something unique, rather then an exact copy/paste of that texture.

I would suggest you create a WIP thread with what you have so far, excluding the vanilla armors you've put together. PM me the vanilla armors you've done so HanFox and I can discuss whether it's really a re-distribution of the base textures :)

As far as other textures you've used that are not base textures, you can distribute them all you want, but make sure you credit the original artist :)
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Post 28 Apr 2014, 22:10

I'll get to that, but I've decided to go back and redo them in 256x before posting them, for ppl that want something higher res than what I use. So I'll remake them in 256x and downscale them thru 32x and post all of them.

I'll send you the reshaped vanilla armors instead of posting them of course.

And thank you for the quick response.
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