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Post 22 May 2014, 06:58

I am in the process of putting together a new modpack, and for a long time I have been playing Minecraft using Sphax. I have gotten used to the look of Sphax textures and vanilla textures make me want to rip my eyes out. I have a list of the mods in the pack, and I am trying to compile a complete set of patches for them all. I would really appreciate it if you wonderful people would give me a hand.

The list is as follows:
-Not Added

[1.6.4]Ars Magicka 2
[1.6.4]Backpacks This One
[1.6.4]Bibliowoods [Biomes O Plenty]
[1.6.4]Bibliowoods [Forestry]
[1.6.4]Biomes O Plenty
[1.6.4]Blood Magic
[1.6.4]Carpenters Blocks
[1.6.4]Dyable Beds
[1.6.4]Dye Trees
[1.6.4]Ex Aliquo
[1.6.4]Ex Nihilo
[1.6.4]Exp Chest
[1.6.4]Extra TiC
[1.6.4]Magic Bees
[1.6.4]Magical Crops
[1.6.4]Pam's HarvestCraft
[1.6.4]Rei's Minimap
[1.6.4]Small Boats For those who don't know what it is.
[1.6.4]Tinker's Construct
[1.6.4]Twilight Forest
[1.6.4]Warp Book

Personally, I'm just looking to compile a [64x] pack if possible.

Basically what I need from you is help finding patches for these mods, and hopefully I can get this pack finished and put together. :D

Thank you for helping if you do.
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Post 22 May 2014, 07:24

I make sphax tutorials once in a blue moon - Textures like a monkey with a typewriter
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Post 22 May 2014, 08:37

Sparkst3r wrote:There you go :D That's all I could find
Holy Crap thank you :D

-- 22 May 2014, 03:37 --

I've been able to find everything except Open Blocks and Small Boats.
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Post 10 Aug 2014, 00:21

Where did you find the Enchiridion patch? I could really use one.
P.S. found the Enchiridion patch that was just recently made. :)
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