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Post 06 Apr 2015, 16:18

Hi, I have been compiling a new modpack just for personal use but have been having issues with certain patches just not working even though I have dropped the contents of the patch into the 'assets' file within the vanilla pack.

My Modpack is based on the latest tekkit (so uses version 1.6.4) as this already has a bunch of mods in so makes it pretty easy to start with a load, however this causes an issue or me as I can't seem to get the latest MCPatcher to recognise this version.

Was just wondering whether anyone could give me any idea what I'm doing wrong? (the main mods I'm noticing issues with are Thaumcraft Aether and Computercraft)
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Post 06 Apr 2015, 16:28

If certain ones aren't showing up it's likely the structure has changed.

Make sure you're getting the patches for MC1.6.4 and not 1.7.10.

If you're still having issues you'll need to compare the structure of your resourcepack with that of the mods. You'll need to open the mods zip/jar in something like 7zip and just look at the file structure.
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Post 09 Apr 2015, 16:59

Took a look around and found another forum here where you suggested the wrong Aether files were being used,

I had downloaded the one found here, http://bdcraft.net/forum/aether-ii
which don't appear to work.

Have now downloaded from here, http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patch ... -t307.html
These ones work perfectly :)
thanks HanFox <3
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