What rules are in place for textures?

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Post 21 Oct 2020, 09:55

Hi guys.

I love BDCraft and I'm currently making a few patches for mods I play. I really like that most texture follow easy to replicate techniques.
Doing the blocks for Atum2 I stumbled across a mismatch when it comes to bricks. I know that there are 'smooth' and 'sharp' bricks, but a few different packs use one for some types of stone, the other one for the rest. How do I decide in which flair of bricks I use?
Also there are bricks that have the 'stone surface', others have not and I can't derive a rule set on when to use it.
I particularly love the 1.16 basalt textures. Would it be okay to make something going a bit more into realism? Or is there a rule I'd break? How about colors? I'd love to have marble with a semi correct pattern, instead of the base 'stone surface'.

I hope everyone understands my gibberish. Thanks for responses in advance.
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Post 21 Oct 2020, 11:33

There are no agreed upon rules when it comes to how people make mod textures (i.e. whether they get the stone base or not, etc.).

The only general design rules are those from the main pack where things are generally meant to be simple, not have curves, and not have gradients: work-progress-f8/tips-tricks-create-tex ... -t282.html
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Post 22 Oct 2020, 05:44

So there's no reason that some bricks in the quark patch are rectangular while others are rounded? I thought it may have something to do with hardness.
I can't put my finger on it, but the chisel patch as well feels a little off. Especially the 'carved/chiseled' variant has it's unique representation in the main pack, but the chisel texture just looks like 'bevel and emboss' and ya done.
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