BDcraft Sounds Pack and BDcraft Musics Pack

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Post 23 Jun 2019, 11:02

I'm not having any trouble, and GOOD GRIEF I'm so happy to be rid of "Hrm. Hrmmmm. Hrm? Hrm!" I do note The Trader is not affected, but I can live with that.
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Post 05 Jul 2019, 13:52

Hello ,
Everything works fine but I have a problem with the Sound pack every five seconds I have a strange noise it comes from a block because if I turn down the sound of the blocks I am no longer that sound.

It seems like I'm walking on something I don't know how to explain that sound.

Edit : 18:59

So I found the culprits are the sheep when he eats the grass lol but it's very annoying. Is there any way to remove only that sound?
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