BDCraft / Sphax for Terraria?

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Post 28 Jun 2019, 01:51

I saw that BDCraft used to be available for Delver, and was wondering if there were any plans to one day bring the texture pack into other games, like Terraria. In Terraria, texture pack support is officially planned to be implemented into the next major update. Doing BDCraft for the game is a pretty major task given how many textures there are to do, however the recent Calamity texture pack has shown that it is definitely possible. I wonder what you guys think of this?
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Post 28 Jun 2019, 09:36

We currently have no plans to support other games. Delver fell very far behind, and that is why it is now gone (maybe it'll make a return one day). Same with MineTest and some other games that used to have support via the forum.

If you would like to work on porting the pack to Terraria you can. Just keep in mind you can't monetise the pack in any way, and obviously it'd be nice if you either posted the port on the forum, or at least tweeted at one of the BDcraft Twitter accounts :)
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