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Post 04 Aug 2018, 20:10

To Whom This May Concern,

Hello, I have been playing a video game called Rising World and I would like to build a texture pack for it and distribute it on the Rising World Forums. I would not be charging any fee's for it but to build it I would have to use textures from both modded minecraft & vanilla from the bdcraft community. I am not entirely sure what the licensing is on these textures as they have been used from Mindcrack FTB & onward. Where would I leave credit to & what license does it all fall under 4.0 or 3.0 Creative Commons? So I needed to come to the place where it all began to ask you the community and the developers of all these wonderful textures may I use all the textures as I see fit? Then foremost and most importantly is licensing, what does it all fall under and to whom do all the credits go to if I utilize your textures from as far back as Mindcrack FTB?

Thank you for your time & patience,
~David - or (The Hermithood)
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Post 04 Aug 2018, 20:22

If you're using textures from the main pack it falls under the same license as the main pack as can be seen on the download page: ... /#download

As far as textures made by mods go (whilst the creator of the specific texture in each patch owns those) the main pack license supersedes those rights when used in a mixed pack for other games.

Basically textures for other games fall under:
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    “Textures/3D Models/Sounds from PureBDcraft ResourcePack by”.
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Post 04 Aug 2018, 20:59

Yes the main textures I understand that now, thank you for clarifying that. What about the texture artists that did the patch work for the BDcraft mod add-on compatibles? (FTB Patches) Some of these guys aren't even around any more to even ask, so would the credit go directly to "" ? Acacia tree's which were once a part of the Extra-Biomes XL mod were re-textured by this community way back. That same texture I would like to integrate into Rising World to replace texture with it. The same with marble from Red Power and so on with the difference I would create a plugin for Rising World to add both basalt & marble into the world generation; possibly new ore types in addition. I figured why not create the texture pack first then the plugin? Since Red Power is now Blue Power it's just a matter of correspondence. Rising World has hundreds of textures and probably the most advanced construction system out there out of all the sandbox games. I wouldn't be using models or sounds as those are not yet plausible with the current API build. I'll see what I can do with the BDcraft textures and talk to some mod authors on Curse Forge or Twitch which ever they are these days one can never tell the difference. Thanks a bunch.
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