PureBDCraft for Tabletop games?

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Post 28 Nov 2017, 15:47

So my friends and I are avid tabletop RPG players (D&D, Pathfinder, GURPS) and I realized PureBDCraft actually makes a really nice texture pack for making maps. So, I decided to make a quick mockup to show here.


So to explain: this was made in the program Dungeon Painter Studio on Steam All I did was download the PureBDCraft Texturepack (at highest res of course) and drag and dropped textures into folders. Didn't need to edit the size or anything (Excluding grass to give it a color of course.) but everything is a simple process and this is where I am going to my main point.

I would, with your permission, would like to continue to make this resource pack for Dungeon Painter Studio for private and public use as well as submitting it to there Workshop along other resource packs. I am not looking for money for this project at all, I just seriously think PureBDCraft makes a fantastic dungeon crawling texture pack. But I do not want to continue on any further without confirmation from your team here to continue.
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Post 28 Nov 2017, 16:51

As long as you make no money from the pack and you credit http://bdcraft.net in the pack's description/readme you can do it.

It'd also be nice that if you do it and do make it public that you post a link to it here or tweet @Sphax84.
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