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Post 07 Dec 2021, 10:50

Hello There, this is my first post

I am rewatching old Minecraft seasons by the German youtube collective called “Pietsmiet”.

As I am watching season 6 at the moment i thought:
These old lava textures are amazing! And the old torches are gorgeous!
Now I am at the point, that I want to ask for a remake of this texture pack! Maybe mixed with newer textures but “the good old one” flair saved.

I love the new textures -Grunge and Sphax- but I would also like to use the old ones, as I found my way back to minecraft with my best friend.

Unfortunately I am forced to use the Marketplace in Minecraft bedrock so I have to ask you to specifically release it there. On PC it might be no problem.

I am using Sphax since 2012/13 and I am as fascinated by these textures, as on day one, when I first saw it in “Pietsmiet - Season 4” (later Episodes).

Kind regards from Germany!
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Post 07 Dec 2021, 11:39

This isn't going to happen, sorry.

It already takes a long time to just manage the current 3 packs. Converting an old pack over just isn't viable.
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