Fixing Grunge Textures, In Regards To Normal Minecraft Looks

Ideas and feedback to improve GrungeBDcraft, the semi-realistic resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 11 Jul 2015, 01:33

Currently with the new 1.8 Update for Grunge, the textures for water and for the Enderchest seem almost identical with normal Minecraft. As well as the HUD and the cursor.

I'm sure most people would be happen to see SOME PureBDcraft Elements into Grunge.

I initially thought that Grunge was just a more realistic version of PureBDcraft, and I was more than overjoyed to download it and try it.

But of course... Some textures were just as default Minecraft is.

Perhaps fixing some of the things to fit more to the PureBDcraft look and then Grungified to look real, will look better,


This is already looking promising for the new 1.8 Update
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Post 11 Jul 2015, 09:45

As the download page for GrungeBD tells you need to load PureBD or VanillaBD and GrungeBD together. Making sure PureBD or VanillaBD are at the bottom of your resourcepack list and GrungeBD above it.

One day Sphax may fill in all the "gaps", but for now this is the workaround.
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