GrungeBDcraft 1.8 issue

Topics regarding GrungeBDcraft, the semi-realistic resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 15 Sep 2014, 14:51 


I have a problem with the GrungeBDcraft in Minecraft 1.8.
Some blocks use the textures grungecraft and the bdcraft, seems to be random. For example the stone or dirt blocks. (see screenshots) :(
I don't have installed MCP or Optifine. I even deleted the Minecraft folder and downloaded and installed everything again. But the problem is sill there. It worked fine with Minecraft 1.7. The order of the resource packs is also correct. :-/
So is it a problem with Minecraft 1.8 or do I have to change some settings?


-- 15 Sep 2014, 14:51 --

Ok, just found the option myself. I didn't know there are settings for "alternate textures". Just turned it off and everything is allright.