[Bug] Misaligned Leaves

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Post 30 Mar 2014, 14:54

Hay Sphax, im Genth and i want to help you!^^

Ive found a lot of bugs in your texture pack. And i want to correct them for you. Im a person who have to much time, and i want to spend it for you. Why? Because you and your texture pack is awsome. :D

Here is a exaple :P

Grunde BDCraft 512x512 / leaves_oak



So, if you want, tell me. Maybe you would add me in skype? Write a pm if you want this.^^

Cant wait to hear from you.^^

Btw, sorry for my english. Im a german boy who´s 15 years old.^^
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Post 30 Mar 2014, 15:18

Thanks for the report. If you have time to fix it you can and post the fix here if you want to.

I'll probably fix that in next (undefined) update of GrungeBDcraft however. ;)
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