[HELP] Cant figure out how Resourcepackthingy is working

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Post 27 Mar 2014, 09:04

i totally messed up my texturepacks.. i tried so hard to make my own one like ''Testing Textures''..
just to figure out if my meshes and jsons work but.. i guess i'm just too retarded.

so my only problem is.. how do i set up a new ressourcepack?
i tried to copy paste existing resourcepacks.. no solution.
i tried to make a fresh and new one .. i failed all the way

i've been messing so much around, now i dont even get zipping, copy and pasting anymore.
is there anyone who could link me some How-To's on doing Ressourcepack for this jsons and meshes? i dont want to use my original .jar since my launcher is always updating and resetting it to default.
i just want to have an example ressourcepack to test my textures.

regards :)
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Post 27 Mar 2014, 17:39

Just setting it up is easy.

Go into your minecraft folder where ever your system has it installed.
PC it's normally in
C:\Users\-whatever name your pc has-\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

Go into the versions folder where each version of the game gets saved.
Go into the folder for the version you want (snapshot would be like 14w11b) and open up the .jar file there in 7zip or winrar.

Inside that is an assets folder, pack.png and pack.mcmeta, drag that out to where ever you want to save your pack to.

There you go, you now have everything needed for a full pack. Edit away!
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Post 28 Mar 2014, 08:55 

In other words, you need to create a folder in the "resourcepacks" folder in your ".minecraft" folder (where Minecraft is installed).

To reach easily the ".minecraft" folder, type "%appdata%/.minecraft" in your Windows search box.

Then in the "resourcepacks" folder, add the following folders by respecting the hierarchy:
  • .minecraft/
    • resourcepacks/
      • Your resourcepack name/
        • assets/
          • minecraft/
            • models/
              • block/
                • meshes/
                  • Put here all the JSON which describe the block Meshes you want to use
                • Put here all the JSON which describe the blocks you want to modify (they only contains block description and reference to the mesh to use)
        • pack.mcmeta (the file which descrive the content of your pack)
        • pack.png (the icon of your resourcepack)
The pack.mcmeta has this content:

Code: Select all

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 1,
    "description": "The description of your pack"
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