Can't enable 256x on PureBDcraft on Xbox Series X

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Post 15 Jan 2021, 19:44

Not sure if this is a limitation of Minecraft Bedrock or BDcraft, but it doesn't let you enable 256x on PureBDcraft despite the Series X having well over 12gb RAM. It always shows the error message: "This resolution is incompatible with your device because your device doesn't have enough memory."
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Post 15 Jan 2021, 19:52 

An Xbox Series X has 16GB of system memory, however it seems to be split in to two sections: 10GB and 6GB.

This probably means an Xbox Series X only reports 10GB of system memory, and the other 6GB is graphics memory? If that's the case then Minecraft will likely still believe there's not 12GB to access.
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