Connected textures, Random mobs, "Random blocks", McPatcher.

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Post 26 Jul 2013, 08:24 

Nothing is working for me after the 1.6 update =/ I do it as I've always done it, I open McPatcher (newest one ofc, currently 4.1.1) I wait for it to analyze the jar file, when it's done I press "patch"

Normally I'd then open Minecraft and experience your texturepack in all its goodiness but currently my glass is looking like a huge chickenfence or something(connected textures isn't working) and walls, stone, dirt, are all "dead". No longer do they have random variations they used to have, my stonebrick-wall used to have sections of darker bricks, just as dirt would look "random", same with stone and cobblestone I belive.

I'm using your latest resource pack too ofc. (so nothing converted or anything)

I have no clue what to do with this. I'm using absolutly zero mods! pure vanilla for me. I just want it to look awesome again.

I can't seem to get pictures in my post to show you what I mean but I hope you get it =P

P.s. Thanks for a totally AWESOME textur.... eh... resource pack !!! Seriously impressed with the amount of detail, and the overall feel. You got what many miss and that's that feeling that things "belong" and that it's solid and proffessional. Great work !! (it was awesome up to and including 1.5.2 anyway :P before **** hit the fan)

-- 26 Jul 2013, 09:05 --

I managed to solve my own problem by deleting the "roaming"-folder, the whole .minecraft-folder and started minecraft over from fresh, and voilá ! it's working ^^

I'm back to using your überawesome resourcepack again ! :love:

Sorry for wasting time and space on your forum.