enabling/disabling PureBDcraft CTM Transitions MC116 results in crash

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Post 08 Mar 2021, 17:38

not sure why but enabling or disabling PureBDcraft CTM Transitions MC116 results in crash with "Exit-Code:0"
it was tested on a modded /with forge) ".minecraft" folder (in %appdata%), and in a completely vanilla one with only purebdcraft ressource pack. the ctm transitions are always above the main bdcraft pack. below the bdcraft pakc is the "default" one. wehn adding transitiions, it crashes. when removing it from the list, it crashes.
behaviour after crash: when i restart minecraft after crash, the transitions seem to be successfully added/removed.

basically, how to reproduce: have a vanilla .minecraft folder in your %appdata% and add the relevant ressourcepacks. launch minecraft and try to activate the mentioned packs. (Windows, Minecraft Java 1.16.5.)
(when on modded, used Optifine version was: OptiFine HD U G8 pre2 - but since it also crashes without any mods, i dont tihnk its optifine's fault)

EDIT: uh my bad. i dont know how but I did not see the "bug" section. so i probably posted this in the wrong section.

EDIT 2: so i tested this again on my modded version (forge 36.0.46 and OptiFine HD U G7 this time, the stable one instead of G8 pre2) and turned on all purevdcraft resource packs. when i now go into optifine settings and change "connected textures" from fast/fancy to off (or from off to fast/fancy) it crashes. when i change "custom entitity models" to off (or on) it crashes.
now i turn off all purebdcraft packs. now when i play with the "connected textures" and "custom entitiy models" options in optifine, there is no crash anymore.
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Post 08 Mar 2021, 18:38 

Try lower resolution textures.
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