3D furnace transparency issue with forge 1.13

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Post 23 Mar 2019, 05:24

I have the 3d blocks addon installed, and today I downloaded forge for 1.13.2 in order to use xaero's minimap mod. unfortunately, the inside of the 3d furnaces has a? rendering error?? transparency error??? it turns the surrounding blocks invisible like the old bug you could use to see into caves and such

examples: Show
3d furnace error forge 01.png
3d furnace error forge 02.png
and, of course, with forge but with 3d blocks disabled:
3d furnace error forge without 3d.png

I looked at a couple of other similarly 3d blocks, and as far as I can tell, furnaces are the only thing this happens to. it's obviously not a game-breaking bug, but it is a little annoying :T

is the 3d blocks addon just incompatible with forge/forge 1.13?? I don't remember seeing it written down anywhere, but it's been a very long time since I played minecraft and my old computer was never powerful enough to be able to use the 3d blocks addon :V
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Post 23 Mar 2019, 08:13 

Forge for MC1.13 is basically alpha quality. It's likely riddled with bugs, so I'm not about to try and install it to debug this.

I will say there's no such thing as "incompatible" with Forge for resourcepacks. If it works in vanilla and doesn't work in Forge, then it's a bug in Forge.

Anyway, MC1.14 is not long away so either wait for that or drop down to MC1.12 instead.
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Post 23 Mar 2019, 08:19

ahh I see. thank you! I’ll go dig around on the forge forums and see if there’s a fix for it, and if not I’ll just live with it until 1.14 I guess :’D
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