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Post 12 Dec 2019, 08:15

Hi there, I really love the Better Leaves Addon, but I realized, I had mods installed (e.g. Quark) on my 1.14.4 installation and that adds leaves too. It seemed to use the model from the Better Leaves addon, but the leaves from Quark also lost their colors apparently (there are different ones, like pink, yellow and blue ones) and just became green, although looking at JEI in the inventory they seemed to display just fine with their actual colors, using the Better Leaves model, and their (not yet Sphaxified) textures. How would I need to go about changing the Better Leaves addon or the Quark resource pack (or any other mod resource pack which contains leaves for that matter) so that the leaves actually display their real colors? I'm guessing this has sthg to do with biome leaf colors?

Thanks in advance for any help ^^