Texture Pack/UI won't load on Bedrock Realms

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Post 23 Oct 2019, 12:25

I've followed the information in this thread (viewtopic.php?t=7229&p=40248) and nothing helped there. I receive no errors. It just never seems to load. Everything works flawlessly on a standard world, but goes to regular minecraft on the realm. I've uninstalled everything and installed fresh and still nothing.

I've tried this on the different devices:

Microsoft xBox One X
Nintendo Switch
iPad Pro 12.9

All systems running newest version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work! :D
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Post 23 Oct 2019, 13:16

Sadly I have no specific experience with Realms, so if the standard way of changing the resourcepack isn't working you can either try seeking help on the Minecraft forums or Minecraft's official Discord.
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