The totem of undying (1.14)

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Post 08 Dec 2019, 14:42

Hello, I am making myself a texture pack, and i saw how cool your totem of undying looks. So, I wanted to make it part of my texture pack, I transferd the the following data to my one:

- totem_of_undying.png (assets -> minecraft -> textures -> item),
- totem_of_undying_01.png (assets -> minecraft -> textures -> item),
- totem_of_undying.json (assets -> minecraft -> models -> item)

Do I need something else? because the problem is, the totem_of_undying_01.png isn`t rendering on the model while totem_of_undying.png is. Instead there`s this Pink-Black "data not found" texture.

I know, thats actually not your job, because it is not only about BD-Craft, but it would really help me out.
(sorry for the bad englisch btw. english isn`t my motherlaguage.)

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Post 08 Dec 2019, 15:35 

totem_of_undying_01 isn't in the item folder. It's in item/_bdc. You probably should have taken note of that when you copied it out ;)

Either, make that folder in item and place that texture within or edit the model file so the _bdc is no longer in the path for that texture.
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