Using connected textures addon getting 1285 error in optifine

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Post 16 Nov 2019, 03:50

I am getting the error OpenGL: 1285 out of memory

I am using your resource pack PureDB 512x aswell as the connected textures. This error only happens with connected textures enabled in optifine (but I need this on of course). I have tried -Xmx 4G and -Xmx 4G -Xms 4G in the JVM Arguments. I am running a GTX 1070 and I have 16gbs of ram which I would of thought would be more than enough to run the resource pack. I have tried running the optifine shaders with both internal and BSL (the one I want to use) and I am getting the same error. I am also using the latest optifine F4
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Post 16 Nov 2019, 12:37

Usually these issues can be fixed by doing the following:
Go to Options > Video Settings > Use VBOs > OFF
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