Weird textures - PureBD + FTB Revelation (Thermal Dynamics)

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Post 05 Mar 2018, 07:15 

Hey ya,

I hope someone can help me out. I just started playing MC again and started a server with the FTB Revelation Pack. Since I don't like the default MC textures I downloaded the BD ResourcePack installed it (also Optifine) as described and was very happy everything works fine...

Then I started to use the "ducts" of thermal dynamics and only saw this:

The last time I played these ducts didn't look that way.

What I tried so far to fix these "texture-glitches":

- downloaded and installed the additional Patches for Thermal Dynamics (including the ones need for it)
- allocated even more ram to MC (14GB now)
- downloaded and installed Sphax FTB Revelation "Patch"

I'm at the point i don't know what to do anymore...

-- edit --

Okay - the reason was Optifine or a setting of it...I just deleted it and now it works