Weird things happening with biomeOplenty/ Photoshop question

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Post 14 Jul 2013, 23:47 

Hi, today I changed the sunflowers texture of the biome O plenty mod and It work fine with the block, but if I destroy that block, the texture comme black to the default one.( I mean the Item droped, the sunflower item, become like the default texture) I've looked around about 4 times trough the mod but could'nt find the Item.. I'm guessing that the sunflower Item is, in fact, the upper block itself, but if it were then the texture would be the right one, no ?

Anyway, maybe that sound complicated but I hope I'll get help. I'm obsessed with that damn sunflower texture.

2. How can I change the size of a picture without having photoshop smoothing it, that's really annoying and super ugly, would really be great if It could stop destroying my work...

good day.