[Paid Work] Looking for artist to build gun models

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Post 02 Sep 2015, 10:48

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for someone to build a resource pack (just the models for some guns) . I will supply the textures to be included in the pack which need to fit the models etc (high res side profiles of the guns). Preference is for 128x detail but I am open to anything if you can make it look good at lower res - and really what do i know...

I had a hack - I am terrible at it and don't have the time and figured there are more skilled people floating around making models for giggles so why not get paid!. Soooo if you have time on your hands and are after some cash please keep reading.

I would like someone to build all of these so they are consistent - same artist etc. Some are building off the same model (the P99 for instance)

Current list of weapons required:
Walther P99 (black)
Maruzen Walther P99 Carbine (Black)
Walther P99 (army green handle)
Walther P99 Silenced (army green handle)
Desert Eagle DE50SR
Merkel RX Helix with scope, wood stock
Mossberg MVP LC with scope
Steyr AUG
Pump action shotgun
M202 rocket launcher (picked because it is boxy looking, and 4 rockets :) )

What will I supply?
Side profiles of all weapons which are also to be used for textures as part of the pack and prompt payment by Paypal.

What will you supply?
3D models of guns above to suit supplied textures, prompt turn around times (I don't want this dragging on forever), and sole use of your built models for this pack (I am not reselling them - just don't want them everywhere after I paid for them :)...)

Paying $200 AUD - thats errr $140 USD. Willing to pay as you build them if you like/prefer - just be warned I think Paypal eats a little off the top each transaction.

Also - don't just start making these without contacting me. I will let you know if you have the work and send you the images.
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Post 06 Sep 2015, 16:25

Hey, I am interested in doing this work for you. I always work with 128 or 256 just for the extra detail and correct proportions. Here is my portfolio https://imgur.com/a/94UPC#5
Also add my skype: danny.auvache We can speak more from there
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Post 21 Sep 2015, 02:50

If you're still looking for someone PM me.
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Post 23 Sep 2015, 03:52

I would love to help you out, I've become very good with this program. If you still need someone feel free to ask