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Post 17 Jul 2016, 13:22

I have recently purchased BDCraft Pro, but had too much trouble. I am making a Naruto Server and would rlly need assistance in making this texture pack. I just made the website, finished the map, and just need programming and 3D texture modeling done. I am a rlly dedicated Owner, and work a lot to achieve what I want. I rlly want to run this server, and need assistance with this texture pack. Thank you

What I need to make:

-Kage Hats
-Ramen cup Noodle
- Ramen Bowl
- Tailed beast Tails
- Kunai
- Shuriken
- Goggles
- Anbu Masks
- Kage hat
- Ninja Headband

I can provide all pictures for these textures and you can contact me @ Skype : xKrypticSpartan