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Post 23 Aug 2016, 14:39


I got as a gift from a friend token from Cubik PRO, when I got a token so I have to write it into the box where it should belong. Then I put the "Get now!" and everything went fine, I downloaded it, and then I opened it as an administrator, immediately or after a moment there I oběvilo that Cubik FOR unresponsive. So I wrote it specifically for Forum on "Cubik - Help Centers" but no answer, not even a month. So I've used the "BDCraft Cubik FOR MC18" which threw me errors. Well, this time I need a Cubik PRO 1.9 I looked up "BDCraft certificate" and was written "The validity of this certificate has expired or is not yet."
I would like to ask you for help, because I do not know what to do.
There are some screens:



Thank you.