How do I re-download Cubik pro?

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Post 30 Sep 2014, 00:59 

Can anyone help me by letting me know how to download Cubik Pro after the initial prompting to do so after paying? I created my account after payment and was able to start downloading it but wasnt thinking when my virus protection told me 'this item is not commonly downloaded' and I pressed a button marked discard...

I have the email and PayPal receipt as proof of purchase, if that helps, in case I need to contact Sphax to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

-- 29 Sep 2014, 16:59 --

Ah, of course I'd find the answer right after posting my question...

For anyone else looking for the same solution: Go back to the Cubik Pro page, while logged in. There is a record of the day you purchased the pro version and you can re-download it there by pressing open.