"this version is cubik is used on too many computers"

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Now support is done on Cubik Studio forum: https://cubik.studio
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Post 27 Sep 2016, 14:50

I got this message from 2 days ago, now :c

But I think found where the problem comes from ._.

My "internet box" has got some problem with the wi-fi, so we changed it, maybe the problem comes from there ? :/

Because I didn't gave my "code" to someone else ._.
And I am the only user on my computer :x

I changed my "internet box" from a week ago, or less, i don't remember :x

I can give you the evidence of my payment and my code to prove i don't lie :c

-- edit --

Can someone answer me, please ? ._.
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Post 27 Sep 2016, 15:43

Please email [email protected] explaining your issue and supplying your purchase details.
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