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Post 10 Mar 2015, 23:32

When unzipping Cubik PRO, (in Windows 8.1) I can extract all of the files except for BDCraft Cubik PRO.exe. Another file (something like "Cubik Exorter") also appears, but only for an instant. This only happens when I extract the files. For the BDCraft Cubik PRO.exe file, I have gotten a variety of messages that Windows cannot find the file, that Windows is blocking the file, and that it can't run on my PC. These messages are pretty different from one another which is pretty confusing to me. Does anyone know why this would be? My dad has Norton Security Suite which may be blocking it, but when he turned it off for a minute, we were still having problems. I appreciate any assistance to this problem so I can install the software. Thanks in advance!

I thought it might have just been Norton not liking what I was downloading, but now I'm not so sure because of the other messages and because we apparently disabled it. I also guess that this might be better posted in Windows help or Norton help, but if any of you have experienced similar problems, then it is worth posting here as well.
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Post 11 Mar 2015, 07:03

I doubt its a windows 8 thing, as ive used it on my laptop. My money would be on Norton. Try turning it off completely.
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Post 11 Mar 2015, 07:50 

That kind of error happen when Antivirus think the program contains a virus. We call that a false positive.
What we should know about antivirus nowadays is that they don't try to detect only verified and well known viruses, they also analyze the "content" of exe file to check if something looks like a virus. The problem is that this check produces many false positives and Norton is well known for that.

Of course Cubik is safe (and has been scanned on virus total). A good habit to have when you download an exe file from the Internet is to scan it online with virus total.

As a complement, use a free antivirus like Microsoft Internet Security and a free anti-malware.

To fix your issue you'll have to disable temporarily Norton to extract the files.
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