R5 (1.13.2-pre1)

Ideas and feedback to improve PureBDcraft, the HD cartoony resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 17 Oct 2018, 06:39

do you make an R5 and will it have the textures of new 1.13.2 (not released)?
And when will be R1 1.14 released? I mean in snapshots & pre-releases (how in 1.12 and down) or at release (how 1.13)?
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Post 17 Oct 2018, 11:16

There will be an r5 for PureBDcraft to fix a couple of minor bugs and to fix OptiFine support fully.

There are no new textures in MC1.13.2. It's just a optimization/bug fix release.

As there are no snapshots for MC1.14 for us to see what textures are involved we can't give an ETA for a release. Also, we never guarantee releases for snapshots anyway.
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