Ideas and feedback to improve PureBDcraft, the HD cartoony resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 10 Feb 2019, 05:15

Is throwing suggestions at the wall in the forum a bit rude? Well I'm doing it anyway

I tend to flip-flop between this and Dokucraft: TSC and there are 3 things from there that I think Sphax could also do

Firstly, is that with some textures (seeds, sugar cane, sticks, etc) whereas you get more and more of a stack, the icon's appearance changes to reflect that you have more or less of the item.

Another thing I noticed in Doku was that the textures for some terrain blocks are randomized, though that may be because I'm not using Optifine as I've been playing on the 1.14 snapshots

Upon reflection, this is more of a thing I've seen in John Smith, but the leaf blocks there have a "3D" effect to them as well.
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Post 01 Mar 2019, 11:28

In regards to adding lots of extra textures: the 512x pack is already on the edge of becoming unusable due to game contrainsts. A good chunk of OptiFine features are already disabled in it. So generally we're avoiding adding too much extra stuff beyond base Minecraft things now.

This isn't to say you, or someone else, couldn't do a patch for stack sizes or randomized terrain for lower resolutions.

As for a 3D leaf effect it's hard to find a decent way to do it in HD. It was tried years ago and Sphax and EskiMojo14 didn't find a suitable way of doing it.
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