I think the Dirt Path is missing.

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Post 12 Jul 2021, 11:11

I use PureBDcraft very well.
However, no change in "Dirt Path" was found.
I tried to find the texture file, but it doesn't exist.
I wonder if it's missing.
I am using for 1.16 version 256x.
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Post 12 Jul 2021, 11:18

I assume you're trying to use the 1.16 pack in 1.17?

This is a change in the game files, you'd have to rename any grass path files to dirt path files.

This will be fixed when the pack is updated for 1.17.
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Post 12 Jul 2021, 11:47

Thank you for answer.
I wanted to experience the new mineral distribution of 1.17 with BDC,
so I couldn't wait for PureBDcraaft to be updated to the latest version.
So I changed it from pack.mcmeta 6 to 7 only for personal use.
I' Sorry if this was the problem...
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