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Post 15 Oct 2020, 23:39

Good day,

I've used BDcraft packs for a long time now (starting from connected textures). I always used it on Java edition but with getting older and finding it very nice to have same thing on my xbox and pc to just chill (and play MC with my wife) i've moved over to Bedrock. When i found out that BDcraft packs are availible on bedrock it took me maybe a minute to get it. Awesome! Start it up and thats when it started..
High quality pack that is at this point just full of bugs. You made us paying customers so i'm expecting to get answers as someone who pays for your work.. It might sound hard but to be honest, for months now skeletons have bows that are a block wide, torches look stupid, animations only work up close (texture pack related) and so on.
We are willing to buy the packs over the free packs on Java.. Please do something about it or there is no reason for anyone to buy it any more.

P.S Saying Mojang needs to fix it is not an answer, there are other packs out there that are working just fine.
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Post 16 Oct 2020, 08:29

I don't see why saying that Mojang - who make the game, and are worth billions of dollars - needing to fix the issues in their game engine isn't a valid answer.

You've potentially paid them / Microsoft more than you've paid us when you made the purchase (dependant on the platform you made your purchase they received 70% of the sale), but instead you attack us instead of trying to get them to fix the issues. That's a shame.

Either way, I shall attempt to address your points (even though the answers haven't changed):
  • Skeleton bows, are a game bug... I don't know what you really expect us to do with that? For skeletons / bows all we do is provide textures, that's it. What else are we meant to do with them?
  • Animations only working up close is a game bug we know a workaround for, but that workaround causes major issues for 50% of users, so we can't implement it. Basically animations dropping off is connected to the game's mipmapping, and has issues due to the apparent poor implementation of it.
  • Torches looking silly is a quasi-bug in the game. For some reason particles don't work very well / are very slow / more rare in Bedrock than Java. It's hard to think of a simple fix for them because just adding orange, or some sort of throbbing isn't necessarily going to look good. We'll try and think of a workaround there.
I'd like to know what other HD packs have none of the issues that the BDcraft packs suffer from? I've seen in the bug reports people talk about other packs, not just BDcraft packs in there, so it seems odd you'd suggest we are solely at fault.

We've asked Mojang to fix issues via the partner program to no avail. For some reason the devs aren't interested in fixing these bugs with any sort of priority, but we're only one voice... no one like you seems interested in holding Mojang accountable for the issues. For example the bows bug only has 48 votes and 16 comments on the tracker. If all the users who actually suffered the issue began directing their ire at Mojang I suspect they'd be more interested in doing something...
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Post 16 Oct 2020, 08:40

I fully understand your concerns regarding bugs on a content you paid.
The problem however is that all the issues you are talking about are issues from the Bedrock engine and when we test our content and see those bugs (all the ones you reported are known ones) we immediately report them and most of the time we are the first to do so and push Microsoft team afterward to make those graphic bugs be fixed asap...

- The wide bow is a very old bug which got fixed but reappeared lately and took huge time for Microsoft to fix it again. It should be fixed in next Bedrock update.
- The animations which are static when some blocks away is a super old issue we reported years ago (!). According to Microsoft it's not an easy one to fix because it depends on how Bedrock deals with mipmaps. I already suggested them to fix the bug on the workaround then (which is disabling mipmap for HD packs) but we are still waiting for a status on that...
- Torches lacking particles is a quite recent issue, also depending on the engine because - who knows why - particles are rarer with HD packs than with SD ones... I will push Microsoft team on that one again. In the meantime, the only "workaround" we would have is to change the torch texture to reflect a bit of a static flame on it...
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