Texture Pack crashes game when trying to load up world with it enabled

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Post 25 Dec 2020, 12:53

On PS4, attempting to load a world with this texture pack above 64x would result in your game crashing. However, this happens with all HD texture packs on the console currently. Recently for at least 2 weeks, the texture pack has been displaying the black and purple error icon instead of its usual custom icon, and attempting to load a world with it in 32 resolution results in a crash.

I would like to use a texture pack I've spent money on, is there any way I could fix this?
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Post 25 Dec 2020, 20:53

The best way to get these issues "fixed" is by voting on or making bug reports on the official Mojang tracker: https://bugs.mojang.com/projects/MCPE/summary
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