Xbox marketplace will not let me download purebdcraft

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Post 29 Aug 2020, 09:40

Hi guys, I've been having a lot of problems redownloading the texture pack after there was apparently an update yesterday. I cleared my console of all files to do with bdcraft due to glitched textures, however the Minecraft marketplace is stuck on 'downloading' for this texture pack and will not let me cancel and try again or allow me to even start the download to begin with.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm worried if I delete the entire game to try and fix this problem I'm going to lose my save data and realm to.
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Post 29 Aug 2020, 09:59

Getting stuck infinitely downloading seems to be a long standing issue with Bedrock that Mojang decided to ignore:

It seems that the only "fix" is to reinstall the game entirely.

I'm unsure if you'll lose your world saves, you should look at backing those up. Realms should be saved "in the cloud" and attached to your account, so they should be safe.

If you'd rather try and get support from Mojang first I believe this is the request form:
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