[512x - 32x] AE2 Wireless Terminals [MC1.18 - 1.19]

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Post 22 Sep 2022, 07:06


This is a Fabric/Forge port of Wireless Crafting Terminal, Wireless Pattern Terminal, Wireless Interface Terminal, Wireless Fluid Terminal and Wireless Terminal Library for modern minecraft versions. It features several wireless versions of Applied Energistics 2 terminals with support for an Infinity Booster Card, which allows terminals to work from everywhere and even across dimensions.


for MC1.19

for MC1.18






2022-09-22: #Initial Release
Currently Working on:
Twilight Forest, Powah!, Tinker's Construct and more!
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Post 17 Jan 2023, 03:33

Hey there Platinum, wasn't sure if to post this on here or the ae2 main one, but it looks like the wireless crafting terminal gui is somewhat broken. I checked all the other AE2wtlib ones and they seem fine. Im not sure if this is a mod compat issue or not but I am playing on ATM8 if that helps at all.
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