[128x - 32x] Crafting Tweaks [MC1.7.10/1.10.2/1.12.2]

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Post 19 Dec 2018, 18:51


Crafting Tweaks offers the following things:
Rotate the outer circle of the crafting matrix (hotkey: R )
Balance the materials in the crafting grid (hotkey: B )
Clear the crafting grid into your inventory (hotkey: C )
Transfer items into the grid by holding the W key while clicking them (Shift+W to transfer all of type)
Instantly compress/decompress blocks into their block/ingot forms (hotkey: K )
Right-clicking the result slot will attempt to craft a full stack
Support for many modded crafting tables (tell me about unsupported ones! )
Optional on the client-side. If you add it to your server, only those who want its functionality need to install it on their client.
Optional on the server-side. If the server does not have it installed, Crafting Tweaks uses its client-only implementation instead.


MC1.12.2 MC1.10.2 MC1.7.10




19 Dec 2018 - Initial release