[128x/64x] IC² Mod - Advanced Alloys Beta v0.7.7

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Post 15 Dec 2012, 19:29

Advanced Alloys v0.7.7

Advanced Alloys in a beta plugin for IndustrialCraft².
The mod adds 2 new metals to the game, which inturn add to the IC² mod.
It enhances your IC² game by adding a new drill, chainsaw and even a new ore!

I'll update the screenshots asap!

If you would like 64x Or Lower, or higher than 128x. Contact me, I'll see what I can do.



Click for bigger
Imagehttp://i.imgur.com/4Dgo1.png[/gallery]Here are the items that are currently added to Advanced Alloys

Here is the ore implimented by Advanced Alloys

How to Install

1. Open up Sphax using WinRar, 7Zip or another equivalent program
2. Drag the file directly into the texturepack folder
3. Launch Minecraft
4. Load up Sphax [Should already be loaded, I mean; why wouldn't it be?]

Change Log

TexturePatch versions:
v2 - ALL Items and Blocks Done
- Armor and Laser done (Laser.png nano_1 and _2 and OsmiumPack)
- All Items Done.

v1.02 - GUI added
- Download link added
- Screenshots still broken

v1.01 - Blocks updated
- Post updated

v1 - Added blocks & items to 128x patch
- Patch released