[128x - 32x] Redstonic [MC1.7.10]

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Post 02 Jul 2017, 10:36

Redstonic adds tools that are powered by Redstone Flux. This includes as of now: Redstonic Drill and Redstonic Swords. Redstonic Drills are one of the main items in this mod. With these, you can modify your drills however you want. Change its head, body and the energy that the drill has and aud augments to increase the drill capabilities!


Ver 1.4.11




19 Oct 2016 - Initial release


HanFox - for the multiple things I have manipulated and twisted from IC2, Thermal Expansion and Applied Energistics.
EskiMojo14 - for the Chisel battery texture I've used.
I have damaged ligaments in my right arm so no texture updates for a while. Typing this with my left hand is somewhat difficult.