[128x/64x/32x] Attack of the B-Team [MC1.6]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Post 14 Jul 2018, 18:01

Update to B-Team Texture Patch 7/14/2018

Download: Changelog:
*Fixed BiblioCraft GUIS
+Added proper GUI/Item textures for Encyclopedia Tropica(Thank you Novamanga)
*Made downloads for 64x and 128x
*Replaced some textures with ones from Turninator95's patch, also added some from there.
*Began "cleanup" of patch

(Note: There may be some more stuff that i didn't mention or forgot about)
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Post 24 Aug 2018, 00:17

Update to B-Team Texture Patch 8/23/2018
Texture Patch version 1.3
+Added some guis i forgot that weren't in my pack originally
+Added a few Witchery GUI textures
+Added 32x Resolution
*Fixed Artifice Antipaver Blocks(basalt and marble)
*Edited some MFR GUIs slightly to have Sphaxified upgrade slot
*Replaced MFR Planter GUI due to me having issues with it while testing(replacement taken from 1.7.10 Pack patch with a
minor edit by me to back date it to 1.6.4)
*Changed Natura berry textures
*Changed Tropicraft Empty Bamboo Mug Texture(renamed another file)
-Deleted a ton of unnecessary textures
+Added Kopak Leave textures for Tropicraft
*Made every Tropicraft texture 128x in the 128x pack vs some 64x spotted in
*Changed Tropicraft Azurite Item, and Palm Leaves Block textures among other things
*Fixed a few Furniture Mod GUIs to solve issues i was having with them personally.(The gui texture appeared misaligned with
the actual slots, so i replaced the old gui textures with newer ones and that seems to have fixed it)
+Added Charged Ritual Chalk texture for Witchery
*Changed Broom Textures for Witchery
*Changed Clay Jar textures for Witchery and updated all related textures to match
*Replaced OpenBlocks AutoAnvil texture(old one is in "alt" folder)
*Replaced CultivatorOn texture from Fossils with an animated one from Turninator95's patch
*Merged Food Plus textures with the ones from Terminator95's patch
*Replaced Tropicraft Large Chest texture
(Notice: I was unable to get replacements for certain textures in time for me losing Internet incredibly soon(for a month). The files have been removed for now.)
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Post 30 Sep 2018, 01:48

Update to B-Team Texture Patch 9/29/2018
Texture Patch version 1.4
Download: Changelog:
*Re-added OpenBlocks Block Placer, Crane-related Items(Crane Backpack, Engine, etc.)with proper ones(Thank you Novamanga)
+Added Flan's Mod vehicleCraftingTable block texture(Thank you Novamanga)
*Replaced OpenBlocks bookimage GUI texture with a proper one(Thank you Novamanga)
*Replaced Food Plus Juicer, Refridgerator, and CofeeGrinder GUI textures with proper ones(Thank you Novamanga)
+Added Crane Backpack + Magnet model textures for OpenBlocks(Thank you Novamanga)
+Added Bamboo Stick texture for Tropicraft
*Replaced my bad Food Plus item textures for the Baked Apple, Chicken Dice, and Raw Squid with proper ones
(Thank you Novamanga)
*Re-added OpenBlocks Pedometer textures with proper ones(Thank you Novamanga)
*Re-added OpenBlocks Sonic Glasses Texture with proper ones(Thank you Novamanga)

Notice:This pack may/may not get any updates beyond this. Novamanga told me they no longer want to work on this. If anyone else wants to help me complete this 100% texture wise, let me know. (I am bad at making textures..most mods are complete or close to it.)
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