[128x/64x] DFCraft [MC1.12.2]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Based on Tekkit Lite, Bringing tekkit lite to Minecraft 1.12.2. Some mods that are no longer being developed were substituted. Mods that were unstable or buggy were replaced with alternatives.


Lite for MC1.12.2

Standard for MC1.12.2

Xtreme for MC1.12.2


for MC1.12.2
June 10th 2018 v0.2.x
for MC1.10.2 & 1.11.2
Nov 25th 2017 v0.0.5
for MC1.10.2
Nov 25th 2017 v0.0.1


Advanced Generators by Novamanga
Advanced Solar Panels by HanFox
Applied Energistics 2 by HanFox
Aroma1997 Core by Caeldeth
Aroma1997's Dimensional World by crumbl3d
Baubles by crumbl3d
Bibliocraft by Linyor
Biomes O' Plenty by Novamanga
BuildCraft by CadenDonuts
ChickenChunks by Sparkst3r
Chisel by HanFox, Hedge, et al.
Chisel & Bits by Ecliptic
CoFHCore by HanFox
Compact Solars by HanFox
Computer Craft by CadenDonuts, SPARKST3R
DecoCraft by ZEEGEE
Enchanting Plus by Sir Oldie
Ender Storage by Sparkst3r
Extra Utilities by BonaireDreams
Extreme Reactors by HanFox
Forestry by HanFox
Forge by HanFox
Forge MultiPart by HanFox
Galacticraft by Novamanga
Gravestones Mod by DeRigeurEx
Hats Mod by Bobsteru
IndustrialCraft 2 by HanFox
Immersive Engineering by Vermillion
Iron Chest by HanFox
JEI by HanFox
Malisis Doors by NovaManga
Mekanism by unpairedbracket
NEI by HanFox
Open Computers by GrumpyPirate
Project E by Llama Farmer
Project Red by Novamanga
Redstone Arsenal by HanFox
RFTools by Novamanga
Solar Flux Reborn by Novamanga
Steve's Carts 2 by Novamanga
Thermal Cultivation by HanFox
Thermal Dynamics by HanFox
Thermal Expansion by HanFox
Thermal Foundation by HanFox
Tinker's Construct by Novamanga
Translocators by KaosKlaus
Weather and Tornadoes by DanniL113
Wireless Redstone CBE by Sparkst3r