[128x - 32x] Feed the Beast: Direwolf20 [MC1.6 - 1.12]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Post 03 Mar 2019, 09:10

TyroneBiggums7089 wrote:
03 Mar 2019, 07:49
Am I the only one the show button is broken for?
There seemed to be a bug that crept in to the JavaScript somehow... it's fixed now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Post 22 Apr 2019, 06:10

Hey guys,

So, I've tested this before and I know for sure that 64x works on my PC.
So I decided to try 128x, with 16GB of RAM in the FTB Launcher.
I'm able to load into my client/server, unfortunately the game shows in chat.

OpenGL Error: 1285(Out of memory)

And the games loads but its all bugged out. (Attached in screenshots)
My question is - am I out of VRAM or am I out of actual RAM? (My actual system RAM is 32GB DDR4)

System Specifications are also attached in the screenshot.
Hope this is useful for other people attempting 128x!
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Post 12 Aug 2019, 17:54

Bringing up this old thread, but I'm having a hard time getting Sphax to work with the latest Direwolf20. I have enough RAM allocated, but only the vanilla textures show up. I get some slight stutter and when I remove Sphax, there's no stutter. Any idea what is going on? Doesn't work regardless of having optifine in or not.

I am using the x64 pack.
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