[64x/32x] Feed the Beast: Sky Odyssey [MC1.12]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Post 30 Mar 2019, 16:33

It started as a conversation in a coffee shop.

"I love Sky Adventures" he said, "but I have all this EMC and nothing to do with it" he continued.

What was originally intended to be an expansion to FTB Sky Adventures has now evolved into a brand new modpack from the FTB Team.

Sky Odyssey introduces a unique take on the Sky Block genre. With several new custom mods, you can now generate power and EMC to levels never seen before to aid you in the opening a portal to Dimension X.


for MC1.12

How to Install

Please understand this is an addon for the PureBDcraft texture patch which will need to be downloaded separately here. Place both of these in your resourcepacks folder and select both to get the textures in game.

Known issues
1. Make sure you have allocated enough RAM to the game to run a large texture pack. This will vary depending on the resolution you have selected. The numbers below are a guide and need more or less depending on your computer.

128x - This will usually require Optifine to work and at least 14 - 16 GB of RAM allocated. Optifine may cause rendering issues. If this is the case download the 64x version and remove Optifine.

64x - Allocate 8 to 10 GB.

32x - Allocate 6 - 8 GB

If after using these you still cannot get the patch to run, use a lower resolution.

2. When selecting the new packs the first time the way the Texture Atlas (The large sheet Minecraft transfers all the textures to for use in game) may not form correctly, causing textures to appear in the wrong place. Restart the game, this will let Minecraft load the textures on to a clean Texture Atlas and hopefully will fix any glitches.

3. For any other issues please see the Help Centre page.


Image Image Image Image


30 March 2019 - Initial release