[128x - 32x] Garden of Glass (Questbook Edition) [MC1.12]

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Post 21 May 2018, 16:21

Garden of Glass (Questbook Edition)

I know, Botania - Garden of Glass isn't a real modpack. But I tried to make a small modpack in which you can feel the Garden of Glass but with a few additions. For example there is Iron Chests for bigger Chests. Or Chisel for a better look of some blocks. You can try a Skyblock just with Botania. And the best: It's with questbook. You can earn rewards for things you would do if there was no questbook. For example the everlasting guilty pool.


for MC1.12


AppleSkin by HanFox
Baubles by crumbl3d
Better Builder's Wands by shadowake
Better Questing (plus Addons) by Novamanga
Botania by Novamanga
Chisel by HanFox
FTBLib (from FTB Beyond) by Novamanga
FTB Utilities (from FTB Beyond) by Novamanga
Iron Chests by HanFox
Just Enough Items by HanFox
Just Enough Resources (from FTB Beyond) by Novamanga
TheOneProbe (from FTB Beyond) by Novamanga