[128x/64x] Road to the Nuclear Apocalypse [MC1.7]

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Post 24 Apr 2019, 20:19

Road to the Nuclear Apocalypse

Reusing the solid foundations of the cold war style of gameplay granted by voltz, mekanism, ICBM (superseded by defence tech), galacticraft, and others, have made a return, updated to 1.7.10 with additions and enhancements. On top of those, more mods, including but not limited to Vic's Modern Warfare mod, flans mod (with WWII planes loaded), open modular turrets and smart moving. These extra mods enhance the gameplay, providing new ways to raid others bases, and to defend your own.


for MC1.7.10 by jtljac


[27/5/19]: Added ICBM Classic Patch
[24/4/19]: Pack Created