[512x - 64x] SMUCRAFT Modpack Patch V0.12A

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Post 27 Nov 2013, 08:30

This is (in my opinion) s huge modpack, filled with a vast range of mods, more than Tekkit and FTB, which are based around the likes of Technology, Transport, Magic and a bit of Farming. This modpack isn't quite complete and is ever-expanding!


v0.12a Old Downloads



Installation Instructions

1. Open the resourcepacks folder in your game directory
2. Get a copy of Sphax PureBDCraft resource pack
Get a copy here: http://bdcraft.net
3. Copy that into the resourcepacks folder (Make sure SMUCRAFT is closed)
4. Download one of the corresponding Size Resource Pack addons above.
5. Open the resource pack and then merge it with all of the files in the Resource Pack Addon's .zip file
6. You can now play and enjoy the game with Sphax Pure BdCraft textures


Not Enough Items- HanFox
Rei's Minimap- HanFox, Rodrix
Buildcraft- CadenDonuts, Hanfox, Updated by Me
IndustrialCraft² - Ruyan, HanFox, Amon, PCMaster160, CadenDonuts, Breuk
AtomicStryker's Advanced Machines -HanFox
CompactSolars -CadenDonuts, HanFox
Dimensional Anchors - HanFox, CadenDonuts
Equivalent Exchange 3 -Caden
Ender Storage-CadenDonuts
ExtraBiomesXL -HanFox, Cybermaxke
Nuclear Control -HanFox
Iron Chests - Timmie3054, HanFox, pcmaster160, CadenDonuts
Advanced Solar Panel - thebeatles8371,kLeeNeX,Zernicalo
Steves Carts 2 - SPARKST3R, CadenDonuts, PCMaster160, HanFox
TubeStuff - CadenDonuts, Timmie3054
Forestry - HanFox,PCMaster160, Amon
ThunderDark's Modular Force Field System -SPARKST3R, HanFox
Easy Crafting -DanniL113
ChargePads -HanFox
Backpack HUD - HanFox
Gravitation Suite-PCMaster160,Sparkstar,CadenDonuts
Thermal Expansion -HanFox
More Storage -Timmie3054
Backpack Mod by Zernicalo
Additional Buildcraft Objects- PCMaster160,Ragsy1,Thebeatles8371
Combo Armors -Exsaliver, updated by me
Extra Bees - HanFox
NEI Bees - HanFox
OmniTools -HanFox
Minefactory Reloaded - KaosKlaus
Galacticraft - Flash--a-ah--man111
Useful Food - DanniL113, TrAnE, Zernicalo, Updated by Me
Universal Electricity -CadenDounts


V0.03F- Initial Texture support for V0.03F
V0.08A- Update for 0.08A
V0.09A- Update for 0.09A
V0.10B- Updated for 0.10B, added textures with liquid graphics...
V0.11A- Updated for 0.11A modpack
V0.12A- Updated for 0.12A modpack as well as Minecraft 1.6.4 Layout and resolutions.