Atum Dimension, Better Bows, Divine RPG, Mutant Mobs

Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 01 Jul 2013, 18:21

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum and I would like to start a topic to help PureBDCraft develop and Improve. :D

If you Have Ideas for mods that`ll work well with sphax the post them under this topic, and here are some of the mods i think will go well with this texture pack:
Atum Dimension mod
Better Bows mod
Divine RPG mod
Mutant Mobs Mod

And thats all my suggestions for now!
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Post 01 Jul 2013, 19:00

*moved to Requests*

Not sure why you posted this in the GrungeBD section when you specifically state you have ideas of PureBD...

Also, flagrant advertising of your site without giving any reason for why anyone would want to visit isn't allowed (a requests section is also not the place for website advertising).
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Post 01 Jul 2013, 19:48 

Well, I can tell you right now that Atum Dimension is being worked on, Mutant mods is an outdated WIP, Divine RPG is still working, but is missing textures for the 1.4.7 version, and Better Bows may be supported (There are too many mods that add more bows, so I can not tell you with confidence)
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Post 02 Jul 2013, 06:11

Im sorry for any mistakes i have only joined recently, and my site is also a forum so it'll be great if you can help promote it.

Thanks if you helped and sorry for errors
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