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Post 21 Jul 2013, 22:25

slave2midna wrote:
sdwrage wrote:Updated pack with falling meteors pack.
Thanks for keeping up with this. My net cut out for the longest time, so I wasn't able to add the updated links to my OP.
np :) I am already doing it for my players on my hexxit server so I thought why not share it with everyone.
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Post 23 Jul 2013, 05:25

I wouldn't mind going through and re-sizing all of the textures that dont have 64x and below if i only knew how to resize the ones that arent sized as there respective mod packs(32x, 64x). I have tried to do a few and I have some almost resized completely but I get a bit confused when I am resizing a 128x down to 64x and I see one that is like 463 x 248 (or any random #'s that arent 128x) when i run into this i just go no further as I have no clue what size the image should be in 64x. are the only textures that need to be resized in the mod patches just the ones that are sized with the respective texture packs sizes.. for instance when I am resizing a patch are the only ones i need to resize the ones that are sized 128x ? im thinking that the gui textures will always stay the same? if they dont stay the same how does one figure what size it should be in the lower res texture packs?
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Post 23 Jul 2013, 07:15 

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