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Post 23 Jun 2013, 09:39

Hexxit, the latest official modpack on the Technic Launcher. Apparently there was a pack released already but it was removed for a license issue or something. Any progress on it?
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Post 03 Jul 2013, 03:10

I've not seen anything posted since the old thread in the archives. Someone probably picked it up though, it's a really popular mod-pack.

In the meantime, if you'd like you could try making your own? I compiled a list of all the mods that Hexxit uses, and the link to the patches for the textures. If you install each of these one by one into the Default BD Craft texture, you'll have a decent look for the moment.

If any of these get updated, just let me know - I'll modify the post accordingly. If I find any of the Missing textures I'll add them as well.

Hope this helps.

- Available Patches -
Tinker's Construct - WIP [128x]
Asgard Shield - Complete [All]
Battle Towers - Complete [128x]
Backpacks - Complete[32x-128x]
Bibliocraft - WIP [x128]
Chococraft - WIP [32x-128x]
Damage Indicators - Complete [All]
Dimensional Doors - Compelete [32x-128x]
ExtrabiomesXL - Complete [16x-128x]
Harken Scythe - Complete [64x-512x]
Enchanting Plus - Complete [64x-128x]
Legend Gear- Complete [All]
Soul Shards - Complete [All]
Twilight Forest - WIP [32x-128x]
Xeno's Reliquary - WIP [64x-512x]
Immibis Microblocks - Complete [All]
Natura - Complete [All]
Not Enough Items - Complete [32x-128x]

- Missing Patches -
OffLawn - Missing
Project Zulu - Missing
Artifice - Missing
Better Dungeons - Missing
Obsidiplates - Missing
Wild Caves 3 - Missing
Map Writer - Missing
Falling Meteors Mod - Missing
Inernal Mobs - Missing
Project Zulu - Missing
Hexxit Gear - Missing
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Post 03 Jul 2013, 13:58

Good job, slave2midna.

Put the forum links for harken schyte and legend gear mod, until the links in the patch list be updated.

Harken Scythe

Legend Gear
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Post 03 Jul 2013, 16:14

As soon as the patch is made i will download it. :)
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Post 06 Jul 2013, 21:59

The Hexxit mod pack is so fun and vanilla textures are starting to bug me... I'm sure others agree for different mod packs. So I'm requesting maybe a patch for it???
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Post 08 Jul 2013, 17:14

All someone needs to do is compile the mod patches and then post it on here, giving credit to the artists of course.

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Post 10 Jul 2013, 00:46


The falling meteors mod WIP texture pack has been added. Will update it further when more of that pack is finished. Thanks :)
Here is a partially compiled texture pack for Hexxit. Here is the list of things NOT in the texture pack:

Tinker's Construct - Causes me to get a texture seam error.
Battle Towers - Did not know where to put this...
Damage Indicators - This works fine but didn't include it in the pack as it goes to the root hexxit folder per instructions
Dimensional Doors... sort of - Not loading door textures properly. Door effect works though.
OffLawn - No bdcraft patch yet
Project Zulu - No bdcraft patch yet
Artifice - No bdcraft patch yet
Better Dungeons - No bdcraft patch yet
Obsidiplates - No bdcraft patch yet
Wild Caves 3 - No bdcraft patch yet
Map Writer - No bdcraft patch yet
Infernal Mobs - No bdcraft patch yet
Project Zulu - No bdcraft patch yet
Hexxit Gear - No bdcraft patch yet

Will update when I can get others working and when new patches arise. Enjoy :) LINK --> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/163 ... t-128x.zip
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Post 20 Jul 2013, 22:28

WIP patch for Falling Meteors here:
http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patch ... -t581.html
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Post 21 Jul 2013, 21:30

Updated pack with falling meteors pack.
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Post 21 Jul 2013, 21:46

sdwrage wrote:Updated pack with falling meteors pack.
Thanks for keeping up with this. My net cut out for the longest time, so I wasn't able to add the updated links to my OP.