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Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 28 Feb 2018, 04:30

I'm kind of shocked that after looking over all 12 pages of requests, it doesn't look like this has been asked about before


But, I think that due to it being one of the more exciting and unique Minecraft mods around, it would be absolutely fantastic to have a BDcraft patch for the Millenaire mod. It was indeed dead for a while, but considering it has a 1.12.2 release I think it is "alive" enough to consider for a patch.

With all of the new village types, quests, the lifelike feel to the in-game communities that this mod throws in, Millenaire almost seems to fully breathe life and even more of a story into the game, and I think that seeing everything in the gorgeous HD textures that BDcraft has given to Minecraft and its other mods would be beyond stunning and wonderful to behold.

If you gang did decide to put together a patch for this mod, I think it would be really awesome and would heavily appreciate it :) But if not, I understand as it is kind of a big project to tackle.

Either way, I figured it would be worth a shot to ask!

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Post 28 Feb 2018, 06:25 

There was a request thread before, but it was moved to the archives, because there is a WIP patch for the mod: ... t6114.html

As far as the 1.12.2 version of the mod, I glanced at the site, and it looks to still be in early beta, so I think it's premature to put up a new version of the patch for it.